Lovol Heavy Industries Overseas Product Launch

2023-08-25 15:24:04

On July 26, 2023, the Lovol Heavy Industry Overseas Business Conference and Global New Product Launch were grandly held in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao. Partners, gold application companies, and strategic partners from around the world gathered together to discuss a win-win development plan.

Global New Product Launch

At this press conference, Lovol Heavy Industries has launched a new generation of cutting-edge technology products, including 12 new models such as mining excavators, hydrostatic products, high emission products in the European and American markets, and new energy pure electric products.

The FR1000F debuted as a C-position product, equipped with a Weichai 6M33 engine, with high power and large displacement, making it a mining success. This is another major breakthrough in the Lovol mining series products, and a new upgrade to the integrated operation solution of Lovol Heavy Industries and Mines.

Excavators, loaders, calligraphy, beer brewing, rock stacking, street dancing, and a series of new products showcasing their talents in various ways, earning applause from friends both at home and abroad.

At this press conference, a total of 80 products were showcased, and attendees at home and abroad not only felt the strong strength of the group, but also experienced a "gluttonous" feast of engineering machinery. The release of new products will comprehensively enhance the global competitiveness of Lovol products and provide better product solutions for global users.