Shanghai Cemaq Construction Machinery Co., Ltd is engaged in developing, manufacturing andexporting construction machines in the areas of building, mining, energy andlogistic engineering. Offering 8 major categories, 38 product line and morethan 1000 models, CEMAQ is able to provide complete equipment package to theclients from all walks of life. The company is always committed to offer ourrespectable customer high quality products with reliable performance,competitive price and sincere services ensuring every engineering project to berun smoothly and on schedule.

Since 2003, we hadformulated the strategy of internationalization and have been consistently carryingout this strategy. After years of develop, we have successfully suppliedqualified products and excellent service to more than 40 countries around theworld. In the past years, CEMAQ’s tower crane were used to build new shoppingmalls in center of Bangkok, Thailand, CEMAQ’s road rollers and graders werebusy for the new highway from Oran to Algiers, Algeria, The miners were diggingfor god with the help of CEMAQ’s excavator. Nowadays, People are finding moreand more CEMAQ’s machines to work together with them, they also witness CEMAQ’smachines how to change the world and improve their life.

Adhere to viewpointof “No best, only better”, CEMAQ is always fulfilling this idea in both productquality and the service. In order to realize this objective, CEMAQ controls theproduct quality strictly. Meanwhile, we have set up a highly-skilled mechanicsteam and oversea service center around the world.